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Deploying EADitor Components to Alternate Servers

Since December 2011, hard-coded URLs have been removed from the Orbeon Page Flow Controller and XForms code.

eXist Database

The eXist database URL is stored in exist-url.xml in the EADitor apps folder in Orbeon (found in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/orbeon/WEB-INF/resources/apps/eaditor)

Default content of exist-url.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- *************************** eXist URL *********************************
The exist-url variable is referenced  by XForms web forms interact with the eXist database 
default: "/exist/rest/db/"
This points to Orbeon's internal eXist database (http://localhost:8080/orbeon/exist/rest/db/)
Note: do not forget trailing / after db!

As the XML comment suggests, EADitor uses the eXist database which is pre-installed in Orbeon. You can change this URL to any accessible database, either on the same server on which Orbeon is deployed (localhost), or external servers. The American Numismatic Society deploys its production eXist instance on a different server than Orbeon, for example.


There are three Solr cores: published finding aids, an index for all finding aids in eXist (the core is called 'unpublished'), and vocabularies (which contains LCSH and local controlled vocabulary terms). The URL for each core is stored in config.xml within the eaditor eXist collection, and therefore each index can be configured to run on different servers.

They can be set when running EADitor for the first time or in the settings page.

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