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Running EADitor for the First Time After Installation

This page introduces the user to running EADitor for the first time following its installation. After installing the requisite applications and starting Apache Tomcat, navigate to http://servername:8080/orbeon/eaditor/admin/, which is the index page of the administrative interface (which we shall refer to as “Admin Home”).

Loading the Admin Home for the first time will trigger a series of XForms events, which will be described in greater detail below. One will see the following screenshot:

The user must enter five required fields. The default values are displayed in the screenshot. The Title is used in the HTML head/title in the public interface. The URL field is the public URL of the site, used primarily for links in the Atom feed. The three Solr URLs only need to be changed if you are running Solr on different servers than Orbeon. Since the three Solr URLs are stored individually in the EADitor configuration file, it is possible to run cores on different servers. The American Numismatic Society's Archer runs the core for published finding aids on their production server and the unpublished and vocabularies cores on an administrative server.

After entering the required values, click “Save” to execute the following processes:

  1. The 'eaditor' collection is created in the eXist database
  2. The 'guides' collection is created within the 'eaditor' collection in eXist
  3. The values from the popup window are set in the config.xml template and the file is posted into the 'eaditor' collection
  4. Three XML templates are stored in 'eaditor': the EAD core template, the EAD component template, and a template used for XForms instances that populate drop-down menus within the forms (for container types and agency codes)
  5. The page is refreshed

Introduction to the Admin Home

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