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Generic Installation Instructions

EADitor is an XForms application that runs in the Apache Tomcat application, Orbeon. Tomcat runs in a Java environment on any operating system. EADitor is typically easier to deploy on Linux servers, especially those with package managers, such as Ubuntu or RedHat Fedora. The steps for deploying EADitor onto a server are outlined below. For specific step-by-step instructions (for example, for installing the Sun Java JDK and Apache Tomcat), please refer to documentation maintained by those developers, which is easy enough to find in a search engine.

  1. Install Java JDK 1.6
  2. Install Apache Tomcat, configure virtual machine
  3. Download Solr Home and unzip to to the server (recommended /usr/local/projects/eaditor) (see note below) and set the appropriate write permissions to the data directories for each of the three indexes
  4. Download prepackaged solr.war, place into Tomcat webapps folder
  5. Download prepackaged orbeon.war, place into Tomcat webapps folder
  6. Restart Tomcat, navigate to {servername}:8080/orbeon/eaditor/admin/, refer to EADitor First Run

Note on Solr Home Installation

The solr home is hardcoded into web.xml within the war file. Lines 37-41 can be modified or commented out (which requires a solr.xml configuration file within Tomcat's conf/Catalina/localhost) to reflect a different installation folder.


The path described in env-entry-value will refer to a path relative to the c: drive in Microsoft Windows. If you choose to install the EADitor Solr Home at C:\eaditor on Windows, the env-entry-value in the web.xml within the Solr Tomcat webapp will be “/eaditor.”

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