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Manage Controlled Vocabularies

These XForms controls are still a work in progress.

Update LCSH

The Library of Congress Atom Feed has been moved or disabled. Updating LCSH terms to the newest LC copy does not currently function.

Import Terms

The Import Terms tab enables the user to scrape personal, corporate, and family names, geographic places, genres/formats, and subject terms from the finding aids currently in the eXist database and post them into the vocabularies Solr index for use in the autosuggest input box for local vocabularies.

Create/Edit Terms

This section is not fully-functional. When completed, the user will be able to create and edit local vocabulary terms. The user can query any term in the search index, but LCSH terms cannot be edited.


Remove local vocabulary terms of the selected categories.


Optimize the index for maximum efficiency. This may take several minutes and does not need to be performed regularly. It is recommended to optimize the index occasionally after a serious of major updates.

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