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Modify EADitor Settings

The Admin Home page contains a link to a simple XForms web form for modifying the EADitor settings contained within config.xml located in the eXist 'eaditor' collection.

Settings are organized under three tabs, detailed below.


The Configuration tab contains basic settings. Changing these settings does not affect the functionality of EADitor; they are primarily used in the public interface.

Title and URLs

  • Title: The title of the site to be displayed in all web page titles and citations in PDF files.
  • Banner Text: Appears in the header banner. For more sophisticated control, edit header.xsl.
  • Public URL: Public URL of the site. This is used for forming links to the XML and HTML versions of finding aids, should the public and private aspects of EADitor be contained on different servers.


OAI-PMH integration can be enabled by checking the box. Activating this feature will display an OAI icon in the linked data widget on the index page of the public interface. The feature requires two fields to pass the OAI conformance tests.

  • Repository Name
  • Administrator Email

flickr API Key

In order to enable flickr integration within EADitor, an API key must be saved in the configuration.

Note: This field must be either blank or a valid API key. Keys are checked against flickr's API upon entry. The form cannot be saved if the key is invalid.

Themes and Layout

In order to more broadly appeal to smaller institutions that lack finances and/or staff to undertake serious visual customization of EADitor's public interface, the application will contain a user interface for selecting themes and page layout. This interface will become more robust over time, but is fairly rudimentary at this time.

The user can select the alignment of the facets column on the browse page (either left or right) and the alignment of images in the HTML div which describes a Solr result document on that page (either left or right). Additionally, the user can select any one of the jQuery UI themes.


The advanced tab contains the URLs for the three Solr indexes.

Note: Changing these to incorrect values with affect application operation.

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