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Edit Component Permissions

This is a simple interface for selecting the audience attribute of components with drop down menus. There are effectively three values to assign a the attribute:

  • internal: the component is completely suppressed from public view
  • external: the component is shown in its entirety
  • [no value]: the default. top-level components are external by default. components inherit the audience attribute of their parent.

Components with their audience attribute set to “internal” appear orange, while “external” ones appear green. Components that lack the audience attribute inherit the audience of their parent, which, in the case of top-level series, are visible by default.

The XSLT stylesheet to render finding aids into public XML documents was modified to put these permissions into practice (the public HTML view is derived from the public XML model). The stylesheet packaged with the EADitor general distribution will show only the unit title of an internal component if it contains an external descendant; otherwise, internal components are hidden entirely. These stylesheets can be modified fairly easily to show containers, unit dates, or other desired elements.

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