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Subjects and Genres/Formats

Subjects and genreform elements can be added at various locations within a finding aid, most notably within the Controlled Access Headings element (controlaccess), but also in indexes and name groups. This example centers upon their addition into controlaccess.

Once controlaccess has been added into the archdesc or component, click the green plus icon to the right of the heading. This will show a popup box with the available elements. Select Subject or Genre/Format. This inserts a text box bound to the vocabularies Solr index, enabling autosuggest of both LCSH and local authority terms. A term can be selected from the list or a new term can be entered. If an LCSH term is selected, the @source attribute of the element is set to 'lcsh' and the @authfilenumber is set to the unique identifier of that term. After the finding aid is saved, the public HTML record will display an icon next to the name which will link to the LCSH record.


Autosuggest is a feature of TermsComponent in Solr 1.4+. As of 1.4, TermsComponent is case-sensitive, but future versions of Solr will support regular expressions matching, enabling more sophisticated suggestions.

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