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Upload EAD Finding Aid

This interface can be used to upload EAD Finding Aids into the eXist database for use in EADitor. A series of minor transformations are made to the file to improve encoding consistency.

  1. Make all EAD 2002 DTD documents schema-compliant with dtd2schema.xsl
  2. Whitespace normalized, document indented
  3. Assign an xml:id to <ead> if none exists, from either <eadid> or the XSLT generate-id() function
  4. Replace all numbered components (<c01> through <c12>) with unnumbered components (<c>)
  5. Assign all components a unique xml:id
  6. <unitdate> within <unittitle> moved up a level
  7. Content of type attribute in container converted to lower case
  8. <controlaccess> and <index> are semi-flattened. Organization and labeling of access terms happens in the processing level in the EADitor view

In order for these transformations to be successful, the document must be valid EAD 2002.

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