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The Maps interface is one of the most powerful and useful analytic features of Numishare. For collections of coins and coin types, mints and findspots for a given query are displayed; for hoards, findspots are displayed in TimeMap in conjunction with the date range of coins found within the hoards.

The user may select from a list of search facets to narrow the dataset presented on the map.

Coin and Coin Type Collections

Hoard Collections

The Map page for hoard collections differs in one key way from other types of collections: The SIMILE timeline is incorporated into the interface through the TimeMap library. The points of the map correspond to findspots, and points in the timeline are created when hoard record contents contain datable coins. Time spans are represented in the timeline for the earliest date and latest date of coins within the hoard. The information bubble provided the findspot place name, hoard title/ID which links to the hoard record, and closing date. For hoard collections focused on the ancient world, the user can choose between the Imperium (Roman Empire) and Google Physical base layers.

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