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Create New EAC-CPF Record

This page describes the concepts behind the XForms-based web form for creating and editing EAC-CPF records.

Introduction to Web Form Concepts

The diagram above illustrates an example form.

  • A. Save and Load Controls. If the form is invalid, it cannot save to eXist.
  • B. RecordID within Control.
  • C. There are five tabs: cpfDescription - Identity, Description, Relations; Control; XML Preview
  • D. Use this option to import names from VIAF.
  • E. A green plus (+) icon indicate the elements can be inserted into the current context.
  • F. Some elements are restricted to controlled vocabulary specified by the schema and represented by drop-down menus.
  • G. A red X indicates that the element can be deleted. In this case, preferred, authorized, and alternative forms of names are bound to values defined in the conventionDeclaration abbreviations within Control.
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