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Introduction to xEAC Administrative Page, "Admin Home"

The administrative interface, “Admin Home,” contains several options.

Object Management

The object management section provides the user with the option:

List of Objects

Once EAC-CPF records have been created or uploaded into the eXist collection, they will be indexed into the solr-all Solr core for expedient searching in display under the List of Objects heading. Twenty finding aids are displayed in a table per page, pictured below:

The file list is driven by Solr, and the value in the search box is thus a Solr/Lucene query. Fulltext search is possible, as is searching by facet. The table has five columns.

  1. Title: The title is the first nameEntry of the record. This links to a form for editing the record.
  2. View: view the XML record or HTML serialization
  3. Publish: click to publish the finding aid to the solr-published Solr index, which will make the finding aid searchable and viewable in the public interface
  4. Delete: delete the finding aid from the eXist database. This also removes the Solr document from the solr-published and solr-all indexes.
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