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At this moment, xEAC supports the insertion of CPF Relations and Resource Relations. This aspect of the application is undergoing development, but it supports rudimentary linking to other EAC-CPF records in the existing eXist collection and the creation of EAC record stubs.

CPF Relations

Linking to Existing Records

See screenshot below:

  1. Go to Relations tab
  2. Insert CPF Relation
  3. Click '@' link next to Relation heading to create a popup for displaying linking information
  4. Enter term in the search box and click the search button.
  5. Select name from the list, set other xlink attributes with drop-down menus
  6. Click 'Close'

When the record is saved, the records to which the current record has been linked are updated to point back to the source record. If a CPF Relation is removed, the target record is also edited to remove the link back to the source record. Note: Relation modifications other than create/delete are not yet supported.

Creating Stubs

Rather than clicking the '@' link to associate the current record to a different, existing, one, type a name into the Relation Entry text box. After text is entered, a 'Create Record' link will appear. Click this link to launch a popup window for generating a RecordID and specifying xlink attributes. When the EAC-CPF record is saved, a new record will be created with the RecordID. It will contain a maintenanceEvent about its automatic creation by xEAC and link back to the source record.

Resource Relations

This functions much like the CPF Relations, but the xlink:href attribute should point to an external resource.

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