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Import NameEntries from VIAF

xEAC incorporates the VIAF APIs for importing all of the names associated with existing VIAF IDs into EAC records. Convention Declarations are created for each institution and Name Entries are created in Identity for each name associated with the institution.

In the Identity tab, next to the Identity heading, click the “Import VIAF Names” trigger. This will lauch a popup window with a search form. Enter a name into this form, and click “Search.” This will display a list of 50 relevant matches. Select the appropriate name from the list, and the XForms application to proceed to import data into your EAC-CPF Record.

See examples below:

Note that name entry forms are restricted by convention declarations. Convention Declarations that are in use cannot be changed in the form. The Convention Declarations can be deleted, but the name entry forms will be blanked. The form cannot be saved with blank values for name entry forms

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