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Running xEAC for the First Time After Installation

This page introduces the user to running xEAC for the first time following its installation. After installing the requisite applications and starting Apache Tomcat, navigate to http://servername:8080/orbeon/xeac/admin/, which is the index page of the administrative interface (which we shall refer to as “Admin Home”).

Loading the Admin Home for the first time will trigger a series of XForms events, detailed below:

  1. A window will pop up asking for the user to input the public interface URL, the site title, and the Solr URL (which only needs to be changed if Solr runs on a different server than xEAC)
  2. The 'xeac' collection is created in the eXist database
  3. The 'records' collection is created within the 'xeac' collection in eXist
  4. config.xml is saved to 'xeac'
  5. The page is refreshed

Introduction to the Admin Home

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